First BRAINmodel paper published

BRAINmodel’s multilevel strategy; Geertjens et al. Genes 202213(2), 390

The first results of the BRAINmodel consortium have been published as a concept paper in the scientific magazine Genes. This is a flying start for the consortium, which just started a few months ago, and it is great to see the recognition of our work and plans by the scientific community.

In the paper ‘Following Excitation/Inhibition Ratio Homeostasis from Synapse to EEG in Monogenetic Neurodevelopmental Disorders’ we present our strategy to integrate multiple levels of neuroscientific investigations to develop personalized treatment strategies in patients with neurodevelopmental disorders. We focus on excitation/inhibition ratio homeostasis across cellular and in-patient measurements in patients with chromatin- and SNAREopathies.

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