Clinical research progress within BRAINmodel

Within the BRAINmodel project we aim to link clinical outcome measures in patients with brain disorders to abnormal cellular functions in material (iPSC-derived neurons) from these same patients. To do this, we need to prepare many aspects of the project, and in the last months we have made significant progress which we would like to share with you.

Our research protocol has been approved by the ethics committee and also by the boards of directors of both Amsterdam UMC and Radboudumc! An important step before we could start our study.

At this moment we are recruiting participants for the BRAINmodel study. We are very happy to share that we have already included nine children in our research. We will carefully map out their medical problems, behaviour, metabolism and potential issues with their immune system. We will also perform an EEG recording to measure their brain activity. For a subset of patients we will combine this with research on the patient’s own stem cells, grown into functional neurons within the lab. With this, we hope to gain a better understanding of stimulus processing and the balance between over- and under-stimulation.

Last week we tested our EEG equipment at Radboudumc. And it works! That is why we are now completely ready to meet the first patients for BRAINmodel.

Testing our EEG equipment at Radboudumc