Million Dollar Bike Ride 2024: BRAINmodel researchers race for rare disease research

Researchers from the BRAINmodel consortium and colleagues from Belgium are preparing to participate in the European satellite event of the 2024 Million Dollar Bike Ride. The ride, orchestrated by the Orphan Disease Center in Philadelphia, aims to generate funds earmarked for critical rare disease research grants, with our teams’ funds specifically dedicated to STXBP1 studies.

Scheduled for Saturday, June 8th, the race will see both teams embarking on an 80-kilometre journey to a designated midpoint between Antwerp and Amsterdam.

Building upon the success of the 2022 event, where over 10,000 euros were raised, we aspire to make this year’s race an even greater triumph.

Your support is paramount in our quest. Kindly consider contributing through the following link:

Let’s race towards a brighter future for STXBP1 patients together!